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What if it rains on the day of the photoshoot?

Well if you're keen we can dance in the rain and get some epic shots! Or if you have a phobia for getting wet then we can always move an outside session into your home! This will result in some personal cozy & lovable shots! 

What if I booked a shoot & need to move it?

Something important can pop up anytime. Contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. But please do your best to stick to your time & date, as my schedule can be packed at times.

When will I receive my photos & how?

This part is clearly covered in the t's & c's section which I send out to all my clients, but if you're a bit of a lazy reader don't stress, I got you!

All shoots will be delivered to your inbox 3-5 weeks from the photoshoot date.

The only two exceptions to this are special event packages which range between 2 days - 6 weeks, depending on your needs & budget.

The other exception is weddings which are delivered 5-8 weeks from the wedding date, depending on how busy we are!

Why are you so expensive?

This is probably the most asked question for a photographer! Maybe you think, whoah isn't this a bit of an uneasy question?! Heck yeah! Photographers tend to feel underappreciated for their talents! But, I feel like clients only ask because they are uninformed! So I decided to give you guys a glance at expenses from a professional photographer's perspective.


Firstly a proper professional camera will cost you between R25 000 - R90 000 for the body only (this means no lens)

Then, lenses have a wide variety of prices depending on quality. A good lens starts at about R8 000 and can be even more expensive than a body at times!


You'll need insurance for your equipment, that's about R100/month for a camera and 1 lens!

Now you will need a quality memory card for quality images! They start at about R800 for a 32GB, and you need at least 3.


Let's get a good laptop with proper 'insides' to be able to run loads of programs and images smoothly, they are about R40 000 - R50 000.

Also most photographers use adobe programs to sort, and edit their images, I personally use a lot of them thus my subscription is about R700/month.


What about storage? Personally, I use HDD's to store & backup my images. This is about R1000 for 1 TB depending on brand. You need at least 2, 1 for backup and 1 for storage.


Don't forget the bag! Add about R2000 for a cheap bag.

Well, I want a website?! Another R3000/year.

Online Galleries for clients - that's another R250/ month!

You'll also need an assistant for some photoshoots, that at least R50/hour.

To improve some lighting conditions, get a reflector! That's another R600!

When you start editing you'll have to buy quality presets to adjust to your own look, at least R1000 /preset, for proper quality presets,  made by professionals.


Personally, I like to enhance my skills to be a better photographer for you guys! Currently spending about R90 000 to get a major in Photography alongside my Interaction Degree. After getting my major, I will not stop learning, so budget about R20 000/ year for education afterwards!


For very important events, I hire additional equipment for unexpected events! That's about R2000/day.


So to conclude the expenses all in all will result in about R83 000 once off (excl. the R90 000 for education and also remember to upgrade within a few years! so not really 'once off') and R 1280/ month for the rest (excl. assistants or 2nd photographers)

And then please keep in mind that you'll edit an hour photoshoot's images for about 5 hours.


So if I ask about R1000 for an hour's photoshoot is it so expensive now?

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